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dissabte, 17 de desembre de 2011

Heartless Song

I feel alone,
So far from home,
And now I realise,
That all is left behind...
That this is my demise.
Cut down my wings,
Now i dont believe,
That feeling alive,
Doesn't give anything(anything to me)
Without you.
I promise to rise,
I've promised not to burst.
I wish you think of me,
(as I think of you)
I wish I could say I love you..
Is this what I wanted to be?
Is this my life's gift?
I just wanna see you smile,
(your lips... just let me fly)
I hope I'll lay by your side.
I've tried so many times,
Not to remember your voice.
Not to dream of your eyes.
I have fallen a part,
I bleed seas so many times.
You left me so blind
You held me so high
And then, you just said: Good Bye.